Chatbots in Recruitment & Human Resources – Your new colleague for regular day-to-day jobs

Companies are using chatbots more and more. So chatbots are utilized not only for outside functions of a business, such as marketing, sales, or customer support but also for internal procedures, such as working with candidates and maintaining partnerships with staff members.

Yet did you also understand that chatbots are significantly used for employment and personnel management? Need to know exactly how? Read this blog post and discover the exceptional application of chatbots for business employment and personnel.

Chatbots in recruitment

A good recruiter is valuable because of their judgment, reach, and individuality. However, regrettably, recruiters spend a lot of time on repetitive routine jobs where they can’t utilize these high qualities, such as scheduling interviews, screening applicants, sourcing, and sorting through resumes. With the help of a chatbot, recruiters can focus on more exciting and essential tasks, such as face-to-face interaction with candidates.

And recruiters appreciate this, too. According to a current survey, more than 80% of employers believe they must automate search and screening. And can use chatbots very well for this automation; for example, they can communicate with candidates face-to-face through platforms like Facebook Messenger or SMS. So chatbots are perfect for daily, repetitive tasks in HR .what exactly do we mean by this?

Collecting data

A chatbot can collect information and data, which it then presents in a structured form to the recruiter, who further analyzes it. So instead of filling out a lengthy application, chatbots can ask prospects for the exact details in an easy-to-use, text-based conversation.

As well as while as much as 74% of candidates leave the application process, chatbots can actively remind them to answer questions and fill in incomplete information instead of a static application form where the recruiter must do so. After the initial contact, chatbots can provide candidates with status updates, schedule an interview, or even reject candidates.

Maintaining contact with candidates

Chatbots can also be used for (primary) contact with candidates, for example, by answering frequently asked questions. Many candidates find this convenient because they receive an immediate answer and the information they need for their application.

But chatbots can also assist with the challenge many recruiters and candidates face: the awkward radio silence between submitting a resume and announcing the next steps.

Recruiters rarely have the time to reject dozens of applicants in person every day, which is where we can put a chatbot to good use, and in this way, we can ensure that candidates hear back much more quickly. But that’s not all. And the chatbot can also help contact hired candidates and develop other relationships.

chatbots in the HR department

Chatbots are also often used in HR for everyday routine tasks, allowing HR to focus on labor-intensive and strategic tasks that are very important but usually do not have enough time. Chatbots are very good at delivering information to (new) employees, such as salary, vacation, expenses, and other HR-related matters.

That is standard information where a “real” HR employee often does not need to be involved. A chatbot makes internal communication faster and easier. But chatbots can do more than send information.

questions and Answers

Bots can ensure that the HR department is always accessible via mobile devices. Chatbots are available 24/7, and employees can always get a suitable answer to standard questions using the bot’s question and answer function.

That is also useful for employees who work on the go or for companies with flexible working hours, as all employees get direct access to the HR department and don’t face any problems if they are in a different time zone.

Collecting employee data

Chatbots can be easily used to collect employee data and create assessments that help create more efficient processes. For example, chatbots can research what questions employees frequently ask. By analyzing the frequently asked questions, HR can determine what is still unclear or not working well and what needs to be improved.

In addition, HR teams can conduct a satisfaction survey via the chatbot and efficiently and quickly find out what employees think and feel. And instead of employees having to fill out endless questionnaires, the chatbot can ask them daily questions and eventually fill out a form.

Help with employee performance reviews

Annual performance reviews seem to be both the most important and one of the most challenging parts of an HR manager’s job description. All employees must complete questionnaires, surveys, and extensive forms at the end of the year.

This process is time-consuming because HR must spend months reviewing all employees’ appraisals. That, in turn, hinders a company’s productivity as employees are busy filling out questionnaires instead of focusing on their tasks. Using bots in HR helps collect accurate data from employees, saves time, and ultimately leads to higher productivity.

What are the benefits of HR chatbots?

Some HR departments may be skeptical about the changes chatbots, and AI will bring. But there is no reason to be afraid because they are there to help. On the one hand, using chatbots is about helping HR staff complete their daily tasks faster, so they can concentrate on even more strategic tasks rather than mundane ones.

On the other hand, chatbots can increase candidate satisfaction by simplifying information gathering and various processes.

Some benefits of chatbots in HR management

  • 24/7 availability: Whether a query about applicant status or remaining vacation days, the chatbot serves prospects and employees around the clock, without waiting.
  • Automation of repetitive requests: With chatbots, you use your human resources efficiently. From now on, the chatbot or a voice assistant will handle frequent and repetitive requests.
  • Increased communication price with possible applicants: Communicate with your applicants from the get-go and also overview them via the application process in a positive and automated method.
  • Enhanced human resources team efficiency: Employees can commit themselves to extra complex tasks with the help of chatbots, thus raising their group’s performance in interior and outside processes.
  • Efficient data collection: Conversational AI assistants not only interact with applicants or employees but can also collect essential data and integrate it with existing systems as needed.
  • Cost reduction: Using sources successfully and automating the relevant procedure factors, chatbots save time and expenses.
  • Increased employee and candidate satisfaction: You complimentary your workers from unpleasant tasks and boost the communication between companies and applicants – the enhanced fulfillment comes when appropriately applied.

Human resource management plays an essential role in business. Therefore, technological advances in this department significantly impact the entire organizational structure. The successful implementation of innovative technologies in the HR department will positively impact the rest of your business.

Use cases for chatbots in human resources management


Answering concerns concerning openings, discussing the application procedure, and organizing meetings are crucial jobs of the human resources division. However, these jobs use up a massive amount of time.

Chatbots can take over a few of them, particularly in the initial steps. They can provide applicants with info, and solution questions, obtain applications, and move them into their systems.

Onboarding new employees

HR employees know how time-consuming onboarding new employees can be. The same inquiries are asked repeatedly, and the same processes are explained. That is where an internal chatbot can be a great support. For example, HR chatbots can educate new employees about internal processes and policies.

They can also provide onboarding materials or explain the goals and expectations of the position. That saves the HR team a lot of time. In turn, that time can be invested in the interpersonal aspects of onboarding and team building.

Employee Training

Could use digital assistants to revamp traditional employee training programs. Chatbots provide an excellent medium for training, and not just for new employees. Employees can ask questions anytime and get answers to their specific problems.

They can also find out at their own pace, and you can gather direct feedback via the chatbot to gain better insights into the quality of training and employee satisfaction.

Company-specific FAQs

Employees spend a lot of time searching for answers to simple questions. However, it’s often just a matter of knowing where to look. A chatbot makes this process much easier by providing a one-stop shop for answering all company-related questions. Employees get the information they need much faster, saving time and increasing productivity.

Internal communication

Effective communication is critical for any business. If it is not managed successfully, it will lead to frustrations and failures. Intelligent HR chatbots can support your internal communications and help provide information, updates, help, and feedback.

Appointments and scheduling

The endless back-and-forth scheduling the right time for a meeting or finding an empty room has ended with chatbots. A primary message or voice request to the chatbot or voice assistant is all it requires to bring up calendars as well as timetable conferences without further e-mail web traffic.

Let’s go for Conversational HR Services

Make HR services conversational for employees and applicants and increase their trust in your company. Offer support, information, and guidance without involving a human and speed up HR support. Always be there for your employees and solve their problems conversationally.

Create a feature-rich and powerful HR chatbot on the REVE chat platform and drive business growth. Take a small step in the best instructions and redefine human resources assistant in the most genuine feeling. Involve, interact, and delight your staff members with instant human resources assistance and win they depend on permanently.

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