Property Management Chatbots With Artificial Intelligence Technology

Property Management Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence can increase your conversion rate to 391% and save 30% on communication costs. Read on to see how these chatbots can attract high-quality leasing leads, resulting in low turnover rates.

Do you want low turnover and quality tenants? If you’re not there yet, that’s okay. As a Property Manager, you may be making efforts, but are they good enough?

You may offer excellent amenities, timely maintenance, affordable rents, a peaceful community, and friendly policies, but what if you can’t attract suitable tenant leads?

Believe it or not, generating quality tenant leads is complex, and 61% of marketers cite this as one of their biggest challenges. Every incoming lead depends on communication, yet you can’t differentiate between quality renters and traffic window shoppers.

We know that you can’t be 100% responsive; no one can! That’s why we advise you to automate your questions. That’s why we advise you to automate your property management operations and make the most of your time. It’s best not to delay because 68% of businesses have already adopted automation, and we don’t want you to feel left out.

How can Artificial Intelligence Help Property Management Companies?

AI-based property management tools can clear your path to quality property management leads in no time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist property management companies by

  • Automating repetitive tasks, such as responding to tenant inquiries
  • Helping Property Managers, like you save up to 75% of their team’s time
  • Making intelligent, data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates

Why Property Management Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence?

Traditional property management is fading away, and Artificial Intelligencebased chatbots are taking over. Do you know why? Because communication automation helps Property Managers like you to focus on essential tasks rather than repetitive ones.

Right now, potential tenants are frantically browsing rental listing websites to find the perfect place. In reality, humans cannot solve the tenant inquiries that come through this traffic.

To solve this problem, chatbots using Artificial Intelligence technology are being used specifically to answer all repetitive tenant inquiries and frequently asked questions (FAQ), pre-qualify leads, and schedule property tours.

According to the Apartment Association, 42% of inquiries are for arranging or rescheduling a tour. So why bother replying to monotonous questions when you can choose an efficient Property Management Chatbot?

Benefits of Property Management Chatbots

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to introduce automation in your property management company. Turning to Property Management Chatbots can be your first step towards automation and help you achieve your long-term goals.

These chatbots can help your potential tenants stay engaged with your website, thus providing them with a quality customer experience.

According to Salesforce, 69% of leads prefer chatbots to human interaction because of the instant response. We know how much you want to be one of the best! That’s why we’ve listed these chatbots.

That’s why we’ve listed the key points that high-quality property management leads to love that can only be achieved through chatbots with Artificial Intelligence technology.

  1. Availability in Non-working Hours? Not a Problem
  2. Attracting Unwanted Leads? Pre-qualification is the Solution
  3. Busy Schedule? Book Tours Syncing your Calendar
  4. Lost the Connection? Bots can Follow-up

1. Availability in Non-working Hours? Not a Problem

People trying to find a residential rental property are eager to discover their comfort zone. Once your property appears on a listing website, rental leads will start to make contact. They don’t wait for your office to open. Whether it’s midnight or early morning, potential tenants start asking, and you have to answer.

60% of leads start asking after office hours. If you can get back to them within a minute, your chances of conversion increase by 391%.

Out-of-hours or weekend availability is not an issue for AI-based Property Management Chatbots – they can respond 24/7. And they know exactly how to answer queries.

Artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbots never miss a lead, saving you up to 30% in time and customer support costs. So if you’re under the impression that these chatbots are expensive, now is the time to reconsider them.

2. Attracting Unwanted Leads? Pre-qualification is the Solution

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots can easily extract “quality leads” from a large number of potential tenants. All you have to do is add your pre-qualification questions beforehand and leave the rest to it.

Once the renter shows interest in booking a visit, the chatbot will automatically ask your pre-qualification questions. Only if the renter meets your criteria will it guide them to the next step. If they don’t meet the criteria, it will direct them to other properties that are closely related to their needs.

Turning to Property Management Chatbots can help you generate a selective group of tenants suitable for your property, thus improving the chances of conversion.

These chatbots ensure that your potential tenants are engaged from the moment they interact with your website until they book a tour. And this ultimately assists in delivering a better customer experience.

3. Busy Schedule? Book Tours Syncing your Calendar

The Property Management Chatbot with built-in Artificial Intelligence is your assistant, and it knows everything in advance. It knows the dates, days, and even time slots when you can visit the property.

If you’re tired of dealing with a cluttered calendar, this AI chatbot is a godsend for you. When the chatbot finds a pre-qualified, high-quality lead, it guides them further to schedule a tour. It further ensures that there are no potential conflicts and notifies you.

The Property Management Chatbot resolves almost 69% of all incoming tenant inquiries. Now you might be wondering what takes place to the rest of the inquiries?

If the chatbot can’t answer a question, don’t worry. It can automatically forward the conversation to your agent via email, ensuring your leads enjoy a seamless website experience.

4. Lost the Connection? Bots can Follow-up

There will be times when you lose contact with almost-converted rental leads who qualify for a property, have a tour, and then suddenly disappear. However, Property Management Chatbots will not abandon your leads, and they will keep you in touch with your consumers by following up with them regularly.

Many interested rental leads can become busy after a visit, and there’s not much you can do about that, is there? An AI-based chatbot will use every penny you spend on it to send an automated but personalized email to all “almost-converted leasing leads.”

And when your property management company starts using personalized subject lines for potential leads, it increases open rates by 50%.

This helps your brand name get to the top of their mind. And reminds qualified, high-quality leasing leads of what they’re missing. It uses a call-to-action button to trigger an immediate response, directing potential renters to their assigned property.

The first time a potential tenant interacts with your brand is through your website. An AI-based Property Management Chatbot can help you make a lasting first impression on potential tenants.

The Property Management Chatbot narrows down the leasing process, answering up to 80% of common questions. It saves you money and time by finding quality leads from a pool of hundreds of rental leads and booking visits based on your availability. These chatbots are fast learners; for every unique query, they learn a new response.

The whole process of automating communication helps you streamline your business. So, as a Property Manager, you can sit back and focus your energy on growing your portfolio rather than performing mundane tasks.

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