The Chatbot Agency Blueprint

Welcome to the third video of my three-partvideo series about Messenger marketing and my upcoming platform Bot Mastery 2.0 I’m so excited about this things have been really intense in the last weekthank you for all the comments and PMs that I’m getting and the waiting listthe earlybird waiting list has been growing so much better I couldn’t even expectthat much of a rise so I suggest that if you are not on the directory yetjust make sure you’re get your name and email address on the listing because atthis object I don’t even think that it would be possible to get on the tosecure a spot for you if you’re not in this list so exactly make sure you commentbelow click on the links and put your name and email address on this list inthe last two videos I depicted you what’s possible with Messenger marketing Ishowed you some of outcomes that people are getting right now and I alsoshowed you how potent templates can be so you can save your time leverage thesetemplates and still delivering the same reactions for your clients and also youknow how important it is to have your own chatbot for your agency in thisvideo I’m going to show you the chatbot busines plan I’m going to show youexactly how you can go from having zero or little event with bots tobecoming someone who can build them effortlessly and with little timeinvolved and likewise charge for this valuable skill set so I’m going to sharethe exact process with you and I’m likewise going to talk about my upcoming masterclass Bot Mastery 2.0 so without further ado welcome to the chatbotagency blueprint so what I want to talk about is the chatbot agency blueprintand this is my approach to it so about being close to the market and beingpractical about things and not trying to develop theories or sciences as that won’tbe needed so what I like to start is on having an agency chatbot so you can useit for demo determinations then when the people are interested youare able to make a sale and then you create a chatbot and extradite for yourclients now with my foundation it is completely possible that you get to thispoint without having a comprehensive understanding of everything but you canstill deliver a very good chatbot which you can later optimize and be enhanced andalso have the clients to glue it and induce the successful long termrelationship between you and your buyer so let’s go into some of the details andalso what I am covering in Bot Mastery 2.0 so your bureau chatbot and youragency chatbot is supposed to be um for showcase for demo intents so this isone of the essential points extremely when you start out withchatbots because it’s easier to show than to telland it also gives you our credibility so let me just applied it now as well so youhave the credibility as you support it from your sheet that’s your enterprise andthe client can see ok who this is very interesting so one of the things thatyou can count on is that the client will think about how it can help them as wellso you can very good showcase and consider what they are interested in see how itcan help them so that style you can also learn from it and prepare your pitchaccording to it and check what would be helpful for the client itself don’tforget that your organization chatbot is going to collect data that you can speak orreuse and do some sort of content marketing soeven if beings don’t buy at the first quality you have multiple stations for themso if you connect with them we are the phone or personally or email andwhatever you have different touch pitches and your chatbot is one of them andit’s very good that you can showcase your concoction your service inside a liston that you build so you have all these people who are highly interested in yourservices or at least you’re just building up this connection and you cancontent marketing then you can use content marketing so you get back tothem so this is good this could be something like a new thing coming uplike recipes opening and they are like oh no I’m interestedlet’s talk so you can either personally reach out because you see that they theywere interested so you can have some sort of reach out here and it can beautomatic by the bots or because it’s scheduled like hey we haven’t chattedfor a while or you are eligible to have manually as you visualize those discussions and you canhave them scheduled of schedule of call right inside of the Messenger and let mejust I’d like some of the people are impressed by how this can go smoothlyinside of Messenger is planning process and this can also show caseagain credibility or extra functions you can sell them last-minute okay so I think it’sreally important that you start from that object because you’re closer to themarket from liberty from the get-go and once you have a couple of people who areinterested you need to sell them the chatbot so when it is necessary to auctions it’sreally important that you have this right mindsetso we are actually going to discuss this quite a bit in in Bot Mastery 2.0 andit’s also important that you understand that know how you can showcase and sellthem the value of the chatbot and not what you thinkthe the chatbot is necessarily so it’s basically benefits for them and notfeature is not something that you think it couldbe good so it’s really important how to communicate these benefits to them andit’s very important that we discussed the fine details between retainers andone one-time fee so here is a I’m going to discuss in the course more in depthhow you can make sure that you manage to get them on a retainer so that that’s anongoing fee and you get your money from that on an ongoing basis on every monthand we are going to talk about I’m going to offer like a template for a folderssales so you can all have it some slabs and actually before the template it’salso worth be pointed out that you kind of want to demonstrate your official on thistopic and again it goes back to credibility so you want to showcase themhow a child what can happen talk about strategy so it the more personalized itis the better it will help your marketings process so we will dive into strategy aswell and see how it can help them achieve their goals and you have toframe this as an investment for them so they will basically see it not as a costbut an investment with this corresponding strategy that can makethem more fund and that should be the the whole reason now as well so you canmake them more on on back on their speculation so it’s a big large-hearted big ROIinvestment on their line-up and should be a no-brainer over at the end ok so let’stalk about creating the chatbots for the client and this is where you really haveto go deeper into chatbots and learn more about them in terms of how to do it likedifferent implements so we will cover tools for that and appropriate tools are not onlymeaning bot builders but that’s a big big topic so you actually don’t need tolearn although bot developers out there I know afew but you don’t need to it’s it’s it’s completely fairly if you are well aware one reallywell and there are design implements such as the one I’m use right now to I havethe client communications and pattern the chitchat husk and there are also integrate[ Music] integrators or like third-party toolsthat are come into play when you you’d go with chatbot I just like create anextra like other implements category and I think about like Chinese when youconnect your chatbot developer with all AI and slack in Zapier or integral mathand other tools as well we will cover these what what’s needed and if we goover next top could be um “youre talking about” on the conversational design so ifyou need to design all the conversations and there are different things that arecoming to play so discussion no pattern and what we want to do here is thinkabout psychological principles[ Music] and also what Messenger does for what are the differences between certainelements or masa messaging aspects and designing elementsthat you can use so sometimes it utters sense to go that way sometimes to whichbuttons multimedia and so on and the whole thing is helped by differenttemplates and flows so whatever it is you want to do after a while is to create your owntemplates as well but I gave some of them and these can have implement all thisand have appropriate tools I will be drawn out of or in advanced so because I wanted tocover some of them the things that you can do with the chatbot and I’m going toshow this on detailed in screen share videos how to create segments how tocreate programs and and how to optimize them how to fit strings forexample and also many of the topics or the options that these track builders andtools offer us so they’ll spread everything that could be needed andcould clear your chatbot more powerful including some of the advanced advancedintegrations and also NLP I precisely threw just the way it is so becoming the bot smarter in inthat regard working google’s AI and talk flow and once you have that andyou be able to create chatbot to your clients and have all these elements andyou can just optimize with the flows and we’re talking about testing and deliveryand there are some of my tips now that can really have this whole process armso you don’t have to like stress about it and and how to deliver or having theissues of having things on the customer account and liveand things don’t go well I “ve had my” fair share of learning in this topic so Ithink I can contribute to that as well you just want to make sure thateverything tasks punishment and don’t run into issues or not like the customer or hinderprospects of the clients get back some of the issues that you have so this isbasically what what can arm help you and this is very big in Bot Mastery whenwe go into details about the differences between the conversational designelements or just like how to optimize and entered into with the segments sequences andmany other implements that we have and I intimate to have like the first versionof the bot as soon as as soon as possible because it previously startsworking so what you can do is and for the whole chatbot enterprise plan isapplicable is that you can go back and optimize later on for different stagesso not just monitoring but once you have a better template where you learn moreabout some address that the amalgamations you can go back to the chatbot agencythe chatbot your authority chatbot and improve things here you are familiar with moreabout strategy you can rush better and on so on so mostly it’s not a rigidformula it’s just helping you to have an overview and also improve and optimizeall the way down so I’m going to cover some of the perils when it comes tomonitoring your chatbot and putting it out there and the live action of chatbotsbasically when they go live and things come up and issues come up andalso like we’re going to cover a B researches on what to measure how to optimize and all these topics andit’s super important because it’s not just like name and done for one you wantto nip it all the time and have better changeover paces and optimize it sopeople enjoy it more and it imparts more importance to the business brings your moneyhigher satisfaction but a customer support and so on and the final pointabout the chatbot organization plan is the growing of the chatbot list andbasically the authorities concerned will cover and you should know about the different methods such asfor example the comment method I have a big guide on that so I actually wrote italmost exactly 2 years ago cover Facebook Ads I Messenger has a very goodway to integrate with Facebook Ads you can create audiences right away fromyour chatbot and that acces you can just like save so much information and getreally really point on with the targeting the consider on website[ Music] integrations or website opt-ins let’sput it that way so talking about the live chat or somesort of pop ups or sliding’s widgets and also other tools and I don’t I cannotemphasize enough that how important it is that you reflect on the approach onthis part as well so I just like to settled this here as well maybe I will color itas well a bit so it stands out a little more so all your group should missaround it about the approach but the business and seeing what they theirstrengths is there any other factors that makemake the decisions on how to clue how to optimize the whole flow and this iswhere you really want to repeat all this round from again unlike Google with thenew cadre hertz have more patrons understand and better learn more aboutchatbots improve them maybe do other tools so you can understand other thingsbetter optimize learn from them look at the data of conversations with thepeople and exactly include your listing and then go back to broadcast and and learnfrom these data optimize and learn more about how you can get parties into thisand this is just a never-ending cycle certainly and yeah so that’s basically whatI do in my own bureau this is what I teach in my trend and what I recommend toeveryone having a chatbot an busines and who wants to make money with chatbotsand selling them to purchasers I hope you experienced the chatbot authority blueprintand it’s been a crazy week and thank you for watching this video and I’m alsoexcited about opening Bot Mastery 2.0 I’m going to send the link this Sundayopen the cart on Sunday for the people who are on the early bird list and thenopen it to on Monday to the public so I let me really give you some instructionson how you can secure your spa so if you are on the early bird list you will geta registration link at 10 a.m.Pacific Time on Sunday and you can go there andregister and join the course and after that it will be also available to thepublic and now I have on my Facebook group email list Messenger inventories YouTubechannel so I have like 10,000 people who can potentially join the course and ofcourse I don’t want to deal with so many people I want to keep the quality highand also I’m the one answering questions in the conceive group and doing theweekly instructing asks so initially I wanted to limit the number of new peoplejoining the course around 10 and 20 people but now with in synchros I amconsidering about 50 beings so make sure your name and email is on the early birdwaiting list and also on Sunday at 10 a.m. Pacific time I’m going to send outthe early bird registration link so make sure you are in the email inbox and findthat email by refreshing different folders it will be there and if you havethe early bird registration link so you merely click on the link and you cansecure your recognize there and if you introduced it off and the Monday or Tuesday I’m notsure I cannot guarantee that you will have one of these recognises and I missed outopportunities in the past actually so I exactly want to make sure that you are onthe list and you too already on Sunday the open your email and secure your spotand I’m super evoked for the people who will join and become a brand-new student andwe can start work together and achieving your goals together thank you forwatching all these videos and I’m super excited to see you on the other side

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