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Hello everyone, Derek Johnson with Today, I’m gonna be showing you an RCS demo, actually, an RCS chatbot demo from AllModern, a furniture busines online. So first off, how can you get access to theRCS chatbot index? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is have a Samsung device, like, this one’s the Galaxy S9, and you have to be on the AT& T network. What’s really cool is there’s nothing to download, turn on, activate, this phone is really right out of the box. And when I click Themes, and then I clickChatbots, you can see the chatbots right here. There’s about a dozen in the chatbot directoryright now. You don’t even actually is necessary to have the chatbotsinto the chatbot directory, they’re just already here when the phone comes out of the box.So let me swiftly present you. You have your exchanges on Android phone. And I have a lot of conversations with brandsbecause that’s my business. But most people would have conversations withtheir friends and family here, intermixed with labels. Then you have your contacts. And what’s really cool is chatbots actuallyis above your friends and family in the contacts. I sounds my chatbots. Here’s my chatbots, the ones that I like usingand I use all the time. And then the very right-hand side you seea chatbots. So you can see a lot of showing for RCS chatbotson Samsung AT& T machines. It’s not hidden, it’s not immersed somewhere. This is real massive real estate for an RCS chatbot. So as I said, this is going to be a chatbotdemo for AllModern. But before I jump into that, look at the manydifferent brands here. We have 1-800 Heydays, Express, Kroger SeatGeek, Skyscanner, Walgreens, even Warby Parker is getting into the RCS chatbot directory.So let’s click AllModern. Right off the bat now, you’re gonna noticethat there’s green, which is branding designated by AllModern for their chatbot, then you havethe little logo. And I think instead of using a logo, they’rejust utilize an image of a couch because it obliges gumption for their brand, then you haveAllModern, which is their brand name. And then usually, with SMS or MMS, you wouldhave a shortcode, that’d be a five to six toe telephone number. This is a much better experience for customersbecause instead of the shortcode it just says AllModern. Because a shortcode, certainly people don’t know, you know, which shortcode is AllModern shortcode or Chipotle shortcode or Macy’s. But now with no shortcode, it’s very, verysimple to understand. So then you have a few alternatives. I can add it to my favourites, so I can clickAdd. And now it’s contributed. And I can unadd it if I want. I can call them, which is really nice becausewith SMS and MMS on shortcode messaging, you really can’t call them and you can’t reallyfigure out detailed information about the brand.You can text Help but, typically, there’s onlya limited amount of information in that letter. This right here has a lot of information. It tells about the brand, you can call them, you can see their terms and conditions. And then, most importantly, you can chat withthem. So this actually is not that robust of anRCS chatbot experience, but I think it shows you some of the cool things that you can dowith a chatbot. And I’ll show you what that looks a lot like. If I click Chat, what it does is it automaticallyfires off a message to AllModern with the word Chat. So that actually is sending two letters back. So first off, you have the top theme. Now before I go into anything, you have AllModernat the very, extremely top. Generally, that would be a shortcode, that’dbe a five to six toe phone number. This is much better because it’s the brandname.Then on the most, particularly left-hand side, youhave the logo again, and with a shortcode, SMS or MMS, generally you’re gonna have thatlittle person that, you are well aware, is grayed out. But with RCS, you have actually the motto or, like, an portrait, which is kind of cool. AllModern is using an persona that representstheir label where, you know, like CNN and Warby Parker, they use their logo. Okay, so now that we have that, you have reallycool kind of tiles approximately or parcels of the information contained. So for this one, “youve had” the image at thevery, particularly top. And I like how they’ve done…they’ve reallyoptimized that for RCS. You can tell sometimes when firebrands, they takesomething maybe from Instagram and it doesn’t fit perfectly in RCS. This one, it looks a lot like they constructed it specificallyand designed it specific for RCS. So you have AllModern, that’s an likenes withthe textbook in the epitome , not like overlaid on top of the image. Then you have a title, everything’s modern, it’s that simple. So it’s a little bit larger than the description.And, again, remember, this is all part ofthe same kind of bundle of information, which is really cool. With MMS, SMS, it’s usually different letters, you are well aware, sometimes it doesn’t ogle as good, this is really cool. Then you have the description. And then below, you have actual connections. So in an SMS and MMS message, you’re goingto have to actually articulated the link in. So it would be contactus…youknow, it would be the whole link. Now, you actually have…they’re more likebuttons. So I could click Black Friday Deals Now andit’s gonna take me to the mobile website.All of their things take you to the mobilewebsite. I can follow them, I can sign up for additionaldeals and I can follow them on Instagram. And it would take me, I’m pretty sure, tothe mobile app if I had the Instagram app invested on this telephone. So we’re learn a lot of brands right now, they use RCS to virtually knock their purchasers, formerly they get them to a certain point, offto the mobile web experience because often it’s improved out already, the mobile web experienceor the mobile app experience. So, again, that’s one kind of message. So then if you go down now, this, I speculate, is going to be the game changer for retail, eateries, truly anybody that’s using SMSor MMS right now. Also, I think it completely blows out of thewater email marketing because here’s why, you can’t do this with email marketing.You can’t move through a carousel of imageswith buttons in an email, at least I don’t think you can. I’ve never seen that before. So look at that, isn’t that cool? I can move left to right. And you have an image, which in fact if youclick on the likenes, it expands the likenes. And I’ve heard too, you can made a video behindthe portrait. So if I were to click here, it could actuallyload a GIF, it could load video. So I think that’d be kind of interesting ifthere was, like, a participate button there and parties knew to click it, and they could load thatvideo.But as “youre seeing”, a knot of really coolimages, looks like all the epitomes ought to have optimized for RCS. So, you are well aware, you have to…maybe not thisone that is something that, but you have to make sure that your personas are optimized for RCS and reallytested on the different designs. So then what I can do is, I can sounds … So, again, sketch. They’re not utilize explanation now, they’reusing the deed textbook, which is Shop Decor or Shop Furniture. They’re apply explanation down here, whichis, “We like your style.” And then down here is the button. So I’m gonna clink Tap To Explore. And what’s really cool is … So a lot of these … So the Tap To Explore, it looks like is theRCS experience. And then the Tap To Shop, those are the mobileweb experiences. So it’s kind of cool because I reckon a customerwouldn’t even know and then I think they would sounds to explore and is just like, “Whoa, that’skind of cool.I didn’t expect that. I was expecting all of those to send me tothe mobile web or the mobile app.” So what happened here? I clicked Tap To Explore. When I click that button or that association, itactually starts a new word and mails that letter to AllModern, then they message meback. So, again, I have this slider. And look at…you can tell they’ve optimizedthese portraits for RCS because inspection, 23% acquired, this is just a solid image.This is not like a rich card or anything. It’s not actually modernizing as I’m lookingat the invention right now. It’d be cool perhaps if they use a GIF or somethingand it various kinds of expanded a little bit. So that’s a full epitome perfectly optimizedfor RCS and it looks like it’s built for RCS. Then you have the name, The Outlet. Overstocked and underpriced. These pieces are going fast. And, again, you can swipe left to right orchoose one of these options. So you can see they’re using the carouselat the most, highly top. And then they’re using a basic kind of plaintext message, or choose one of these options. And this is another cool feature of RCS. lookat that, I just swipe left to right and there’s these buttons.So instead of having a button that looks likethat, you can have a button that glances more maybe like a button. This one looks like a link. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click…man, a lot of options now. If I click Tap To Shop, again, it’s kickingme to the mobile web. But let’s try…let’s clink Outlet. Okay, so it’s essentially kind of taking methrough this chatbot know-how with them. So here are the different things in the channel. And then it’s popping up again, saying orchoose one of the following, I can sounds, you are well aware, Space Saving. And, again, when I click Space Saving, it’sactually creating another message…not pinging AllModern, like it does on a website, it’sactually creating another message and routing the word Space Saving to AllModern, they proceed, “Oh, we know what this means.” They wanna cast this back.So then they send the message. So really cool use of this carousel or tiles. And then let’s go back to Main Menu. And then we’re back to, you are well aware, shoppingthe store, browse furniture. If I click Tap To Explore, yeah, it continuesto go through. So it’s really a great way for AllModern toengage their devotees. It’s kind of a cool know-how to kind offlip through things and croak, “Oh, that’s interesting, space-saving furniture.But maybe I’m more into, you know, Scandinavian.” It’s really kind of a browser form event. And what’s interesting, as you viewed right there, it’s actually lading the likenes from AllModern’s website or where they’re hosting that epitome. So all of these likeness are being plucked downwhen I laden this message. So really great images very, high-pitched solving, perfectly, you know, formatted for this, you are well aware, suffer in the RCS. But as you can see, you know, I retain doingthis. I’m like, “Oh, space-saving.” Like, beings. I think we’ll invest a lot of term just goingthrough this and, you are well aware, kind of browsing, various kinds of like they do in Instagram or maybethrough an app, and it actually feels like an app-like experience. I’ve been clicking through, you know, it’sreally cool. I can even sounds Shop All. Okay, so Shop All takes the mobile websiteas well. I can always going to be home to main menu.And actually succinct too. You know, sometimes with a chatbot, it takesa while. These words are relatively snappy, withina pair seconds, you are well aware, it’s back and it has , is not simply, you know, plateau verse, italso has really great images and the links. Like, this is a lot of content for how quicklyit was that it came back. So really cool experience. And that is from AllModern. They are one of the RCS chatbots in the RCSchatbot directory that is being done by Samsung, Samsung device on Android on AT& T wireless.So, again, that is in RCS chatbot directorydemo from AllModern. And be sure to is committed to our YouTube channelbecause we do a good deal of these demos. We like to show you not only what’s in theRCS chatbot index right now but new chatbots that are coming out. My name is Derek Johnson with If you have any questions, notes, feedback, you have a question about RCS, AllModern, how they’re using chatbots, tell us know inthe comments below ..

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