Por que preciso de um CHATBOT?

Lately, a lot of people have been commenting on chatbot on social networks, But what the hell is that In this video we will explain about the operation and its benefits. I have been increasingly popular for some time now. But what is this chatbot is software that works within digital applications like the ones that are already used on some websites and apps, and now social media has arrived. These automatic chat tools are being used, a lot in functions, specific customer relationship and engagement. Hence, the name CHAT, BO T And now that you know what it means. [MEANS]. Lets go to the benefits of a chatbot. It reduces the visitor’s abandonment rate approaching and communicating in a more interactive way. Avoiding dispersion Allows human interaction to be allocated for more complex calls, since automated routines can provide a wide range of basic solutions And what are the applications in your business? I will cite the five most basic, A

Generation of “Leads”, It is possible to retain the visitor from the social networks through dialogue [. We are going to change “through dialogue”. That looks like we even fought with the client] [. Lets talk … and such I thought about it now: …], Through a conversation and generate Leads for the sales team, capturing information such as Name, email, product or service of interest B. MKT and Sales. You can carry out campaigns and actions based on chatbot, presenting a dialogue that leads to involvement with the product or service and enhance your characteristics. It can also display images, videos and specific features. C. Customer Service, It is the most popular use Perform customer service based on the resolution of the most frequent doubts of customers and followers.

D. Scheduling and Reservations Usually the simplest for automation, because it requires direct interaction with simple answers like travel destination and departure date being widely used to make appointments and hotel room reservations, … [, Trivago, ] [, The ideal hotel at the best price, ] or tables in Restaurants, E. Qualification of Database and CRM When integrating a chatbot with a CRM system. The benefit is immediate and the qualification of the database too, since the chat serves as an interface for accessing contact information, conducting a dialogue that assists in this qualification, [Ahh, ..,

Now I understand] [. Now I get it]. We have prepared a supplementary text on our website for you to get deeper into the subject. The link is in the description, We are already using chatbot on the Facebook messenger Visit, our page @ BonfimStudio and click on the START, button just below the header and kill your curiosity. If you have any questions comment, I left some links in the description below with other reports addressing the subject And if you liked this video, give it a like share with your friend who needs a push to increase sales, or even if you need to hire our Services,

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