Le futur du marché du chatbot et ses impacts sur la relation client

Hello, I am Luc Truntzler, lead of the company Inbenta. It’s been ten years now that we are developing bots of all kinds Chatbot, Faqbot, Indexbot, Callbot, Mailbot, bots that aim to respond automatically and immediately to the various questions that may arise invite customers, on any type of channel. How is the market? He is doing very well! We are in environmental issues which is very dynamic highly competitive. We are talking about a 2.1 market for AI by 2024 million euro and simply 45% of this sell will be on the Chatbot and we too watch the subscribers is increasingly familiar now with the solutions of bots, or even more and more fond of because they have understood here is the added value of this solution, which is this immediacy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.So expectations are changing. positively for us, we can see the use contingencies that our customers are more and more mature, they are less and less looking forward to buzz but more on cost invention. So what are the challenges mainly around a Chatbot project I would say it is a winning recipe with two topics, the first is to really have a Chatbot who has a good understanding of human expression, So it’s the technological aspect and on the other hand a human team, which will really be behind to verify this good understanding that the chatbot has but likewise above all to work on enriching the knowledge base. We centres too often and erroneously on the perspective technology, where ultimately human aid is just as important. So what is our vision on backing? We are still ever be concentrated on drawing our purchasers as independent as possible, because it’s one of their needs too, so it’s okay in our opinion by two subjects, the first a technological topic, therefore to positioned in place our engineering accessible via an API and an SDK so that it is possible really their technical team give them in hand the answer, but likewise behind a back office that will continuously enrich itself every two weeks, to allow our customers to really have all the keys in hand, but as we ultimately remain on a solution that remains complex the bot which is very innovative, which is constantly evolving, there is still always this very strong foundation which is necessary and it is a substantiate I would say certainly education in the profession of BotMaster, Hence the creation of the Inbenta Academy this year, to really make improved skills and autonomy for our customers in handling and maintenance peculiarly over age of a bot. So what is Inbenta Academy, the goals and targets behind it is to offer our customers but too our prospects comprehensive training courses and guaranteed, whether face-to-face, webinar or via a programme e-learning in BotMastering, that is to say in the BotMaster profession. We previously have all the components to set up this training, today highly concretely the changes we established is that we kept all our consultants, whether linguists, project directors or developers under the Inbenta Academy umbrella, so that from the phases of setting up SetUp that they are more and more pedagogue in their coming precise to quickly increase the skills and autonomy of our patrons, because if we want performing them autonomous it is important to too employed struggles there, for their allow you to build knowledge. A little command of the end, that the security forces be with us.

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