How To Make A Free ChattBotz Websites And Facebook Page

In this video i’ll educate you the way to make a free chatbot as a way to connect to your enterprise’s facebook page after which that you would be able to take that and integrated along with your internet site it doesn’t matter what platform you’re utilizing if you’re making use of WordPress or Shoppify or Squarespace it’s not relevant you could even use it on a few of them landing page funnel builders like click finals or lead pages it doesn’t matter your to be capable to take this chatbot and plug it in wherever your website is it that interest you preserve observing hi my title is Adam from WPCrafter.Com the place I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re new here recall clicking on the subscribe button and to now not miss a video click on on the bell all right a chatbot is is valuable for lots of one of a kind matters and working to use a free chatbot service an additional’s lots of unique free chatbot services the one working use is referred to as MobileMonkey and also you would seek advice from the page right now go to WPCrafter.Com a/MobileMonkey one phrase and it can be gonna take you correct on over to their internet site and so right here it’s their provider you could absolutely use for a lot of rather cool things but on this video have been pictures specifically center of attention on the chatbot component and i suppose a chatbot is very significant for each variety of business on the grounds that what happens is humans are going to ask you questions with you via your internet site and over time you begin to peer a pattern of questions that humans ask and they’re going to ask you through fb messenger they will e-mail you there is all varieties of methods although contact you in normally will ask you the same questions and you need to use a chatbot to answer a variety of these even for me on my website i’ve a usually requested and a aid part but yet I still get asked those questions through live chat by way of fb messenger and all of that and so that’s where a chatbot comes in if your nearby trade of someone desires it say howdy are you open on Saturday chatbot can answer that for you all are you answer you open on Christmas Eve a chatbot can answer that phrase there may be all kinds of matters that you should use a chatbot for and i am primarily going to do the tutorial on this service for the reason that it has a are living operator take over and what that implies is you or any person in your small business can have a fb message or open on their laptop and spot when folks are interacting with your chat field and effectively bounce in and take over the chat if they wanted to very well so right here it’s it can be a MobileMonkey now here’s their pricing web page were to just use the free plan there’s a tiny bit of branding that’s so vague with it and i’m going to show you in this video sorta customarily be making use of this chatbot builder correct here there may be different things you are able to do there’s like a chat blaster that is where all of the persons which have interacted together with your bot which you can ship a message to all of them so if your small business and also you promote things you could say hi there you need to 20% off coupon it is good for the subsequent 24 hours there is all sorts of matters you would do that commonly want to use it sparingly there’s additionally Q&A triggers so persons are asking about things that you simply don’t have answers for it collects all of these questions so that you could go and create an answer for it it is very neat publish fashioned defend have been to not go or that the reside chat take over though that’s the fairly cool thing after which of direction the internet site chat widget were getting integrate this with our website you’ll find they may be surely using it right here on their internet site in case you did not want one in all their paid plans and add some extra matters like scheduled glasses drip blasts or dream campaigns the place that you can ship a message on the first day they reach out to you the fifth a seven-day stuff like that there some deeper analytics and you get integrations that probably priceless for you on this video that had been simply going to make use of the free version however the whole lot we go over applies if you wish to have one in every of their paid choices as well so getting an account mounted is particularly effortless you are going to move ahead and click on anyplace on this web site word says get a free account and it’s identical to integrating some thing else with fb you click on it it says you want to make use of facebook to login and then it pops up your profile and also you you authorize it it’d take you two seconds i’m certain you may have already finished it before simply make certain you are logged into fb on the equal browser that you’re doing this on and you’ll get mounted quite fast after which it will emerge as taking you right right here and if you go by way of that method now MobileMonkey shall be mindful of all of the fb pages that you’re in administrator on and so the best way this works is simple working to create one chatbot and linked to one in all your facebook pages which you could handiest have one body related at a single time to certainly one of your facebook pages and working to build that all out correct now so the very first thing I need to do is click on on create a clean chatbot after which working to get this alternative to make use of one among our other chatbot’s that we have now already built out or just begin with a clean slate for this tutorial have been going to simply create a brand new one smooth slate identical to this after which it’s gonna take us right here and we have now a brand new one that claims untitled chatbot had been to click on on edit in the very first thing were to do is truely give this chatbot a title in the best way we do that’s we click on correct right here on settings recognized the settings this is working it named this chatbot and had been additionally going to pick the facebook page that we managed to hyperlink it as much as so i’m going to go forward and add a reputation proper now ok so I named this bot tutorial keeping it easy and then whilst you scroll down the page a little bit bit you are gonna see a list of the fb pages that you simply control and all you ought to do is click on the join button to now linked this bot which does not have something in it over in a connect this bot to that fb page and what’s excellent is should you ever need to disconnect this bot with that fb page therein ago right here on this button is going to move from sink linked to disconnect the summit click on join and it’ll connect that you see now it can be his disconnect so if I ever wish to say i don’t need to do this bopping anymore that you could without problems disconnect it or you can maybe disconnect it create a entire new bot with a whole new flow after which it connect that and kinda go backward and forward with the box you can do that as well so now with that is sincerely the interface now everything’s can be regularly completed correct here the place it says pages and i’m going to give an explanation for what that implies in a second Q&A’s had been working to see a record of the things that humans perhaps entering into the pot that you wouldn’t have an reply for therefore it continues like a catalog of that she will go in there and that you would be able to add automated responses what you see these usual threads that humans asking HTML elements is what have been you use to combine into our internet site we can be doing that in this video FB remark card what this does is if someone leaves a remark on a unique facebook put up that you just made to your web page that you can automate sending them a message again this is while you say oh if you want to keep 20% in these days simply depart a comment in the comment part and then people say all i need that coupon and then this will routinely send it to those humans then down here we’ve chat blaster this can be a feature that you just get Axis II and drip campaigns is something that you just need a paid plan for you’ll discover a record of your contacts your contacts and so on.

Etc. Now when were competent to test the pot that have been about to build there’s a button within the high right that is experiment the spot you click on that in them will clearly be equipped to to scan this about okay so let’s click on on the pages so the fundamentals manner a a bot works it’s a lot like her kind of believe about it like one of those auto attendance whilst you call a business you name trade and they say thanks for calling and if you wish to have this division press one this department pressed to this division press three and then you you you you click on on say one and then it offers you the expertise may be to hear the address you press one and then it gives you the deal with after which at the finish it says to return to the essential menu press this or do that and that’s ordinarilly what had been growing with the bot and but what’s also pleasant is you know when you’ve called those IVR’s this present day you do not even need to put a button in for those auto attendants now it says just say what you need just say your card quantity just say I need to understand the administrative center handle and all that and so that variety of synchronic science you are now certainly competent to use in a bot so your butt can get smarter over time understanding what folks are asking and then giving them what they are asking while not having it to be press one or click on right here or try this kind of stuff so that’s style of what have been doing when you’re creating a bot now this is a very powerful bot builder so there is all of these elements you see right here on the prime text pix galleries you can create a kind that is where you’re asking questions the people answering these questions after which with this e mail aspect proper here then that you would be able to take all that data and email it to any individual that is a very robust video this is genuinely first-class for me my chapter in my channel some could say whats up how do I migrate a internet site i will have about that’s k here is the video for that and just supply them the YouTube video Bama correct there quandary solved so there’s all of these robust factors that you can use when you are constructing out this however now the best way it works is when anyone first jumps into your fb messenger or when this is an integrated to your website on the messenger to your website the first thing they will get is that this welcome page right right here and we are able to put something we would like by way of default it is only a few showing some textual content right here but say we would want it to additionally show our brand good it’s super effortless all we’d must do is click on proper here the place it says snapshot have been simply clicking on the snapshot factors and then we more often than not don’t need the message after which the photo would most often need our brand on the prime so as to click correct right here and simply drag that up rattling we’ve got our logo and a message it’s watching tremendous branded and customized for you you just click on in right here and then put your emblem file and you are able to do that whatever you need with this and if you put an aspect in that you wish to have to do away with just click on the little garbage can and it can be long past so the best way this works is for each of these choices that were going to present any person say when someone needs to know what your office address is so we might create a page right here it says right here create a web page would click on on this and we created page oh right here is our handle and so you could possibly create the sequence is of pages and just about your body is solely giving individuals options to leap inside and outside of those pages just like how a internet site is you may have your entire content material separated in these pages and also you give folks the potential to leap around these pages and that is what have been doing here with a bot so what I want to do correct now’s build a general bot and i will then connect in one of the vital extra elaborate bots that i’ve built so that you can see how that works as good so here is the primary message I suppose with about you want to check out to make it sound as personable as possible so it is as thanks on your message anyone can be right with you that is most commonly now not what we need to keep up a correspondence anything to move forward and alter that now right i alter my messages say hi there and then pull of their first identify from their facebook account how can we help you today so what is first-class about utilising a messenger physique is any one does not need to necessarily offer you one of the crucial normal knowledge it’s simply being relayed via fb so that you can comprehend which you can relay any individual’s first name and any individual’s final name and some general small print like that and so these are just like to consult them as buckets so there is a buckets where you place expertise in these buckets and this one happens already be prefilled out and so at any factor within the bodybuilder the place your getting into textual content that you may conveniently pull up the record of buckets that you can use in your messages via putting in or by getting into two of these brackets so for me it’s a shift bracket bracket and then boom there is my record of values that i will be able to use for the period of these more than a few messages and what’s additionally high-quality about that is when were utilizing the shape aspect working to be competent to create these buckets and that we could use those in the course of the body experiences well so you just go down if I desired to show their last title proper there hit enter and so one can show them the final name any person to go ahead and get rid of that ok so the subsequent thing we need to do is supply them some choices within the excellent and simplest approach by and large to do that is to add a button she’ll click right here at a button you give the button a label that is what is going on to exhibit when any one absolutely is offered this as an option after which that you can decide on three special matters that is gonna happen when any person clicks that button quantity one that you would be able to have a go to one other web page so in that instance the place you had a page installed with all your contact understanding we can create that web page and then we will make a button exhibit that and we will even have a button up place a telephone name so this is high-quality if anybody’s doing this conversation on their cell gadget they may be able to faucet that button and it’s going to call you right away and that we will actually have a go straight to a URL so anyone says what are your pricing for XYZ you can certainly have a button that takes them straight to your pricing web page or that you would be able to have the box respond with something targeted so there may be tons of things you would additionally do with this URL option correct here some to go forward and add two button options proper now okay have created two buttons one says call now the other one says trade hours and that is going to be linked to a page that were going to create proper now now that you would be able to delete these buttons at any time or which you can simply reorder them you see these little girls on the top correct that is can enable you to reorder these buttons and so that is what is going on to show when any one first visits this bod now what we ought to do now could be create a new page that working a link to this trade hours button that we just created so i am in a click on on create page sorta given a name and you could also enter a word if you need some just going to move forward and enter trade hours now many click on create web page so i have this new page here and which you can create corporations to put these pages and together with so say you desired a new group of generally requested questions you are able to do that and you could create a web page for every of these various regularly requested questions so they are able to say nice and tidy all linked together so now i’ve this new web page and i will be able to begin dragging and to begin including my one-of-a-kind bodybuilder elements but what I need to do first so I don’t forget is now I want to go in the hyperlink that genuine button to this page that I created some thing to return here click on on the welcome web page right right here it’s his trade hours on the clicking on that and be certain correct here it’s is welcome page a Mexican a changes to be linked to this new trade hours page click on on update button k so let’s go forward and add to a couple simple understanding here i’ll click on textual content because I just wish to have some textual content to allow them to comprehend the trade hours after which will add a button to allow individuals to go different locations within the spot ok I just put in were open Monday by means of Friday from this time that time ok so now what i might do some and add a button and do not forget you can use these of button bucket containers that I was talking about in there so if you wish to add the individual’s first title to give it more of a personalised experience that you could effectively try this ok so i am in a go forward and add an choice right here for the visitor to go someplace else on this bod so i will be able to send them back to the welcome page if they want possibly i’m going to simply enter the create a button and get in touch with it major menu okay have created that and i am gonna have it taken again to the welcome web page there is truthfully smoother and slicker methods of doing all this sort of stuff okay so if you desired to also trigger this with no button so any one can simply enter in business hours or what are your enterprise hours that you can enter all of those more than a few phrases right right here words is added set off so for right here i will enter within the question what time are you open k I’ve entered that and i’m going to click on on enter and now i’ve a key phrase phrase with a purpose to also trigger the industry hours to be proven so this is when any one simply enters and the query does not always click on a button that we haven’t made to be had to them so with a view to also leap any person on into right here ok so I believe that is ok for starters so let’s go forward and experiment this by using now on the highest correct there may be the button now after we click on this it’s gonna take us over to messenger.Com it is gonna take you into your fb messenger accounts and it’s going to start this chatbot I think have been competent for this proper now some to head forward and click on on experiment the spot and then click on open messenger it can be taking me into the brand new tab and right here is my bots additionally enjoys my bout that is whether or not to see and you will see that it is personalised that with the primary identify is hiya Adam how can i aid you in these days and so i can click on on business hours or call now so once I click on on trade hours that she says that and then correct here it says we are open what I what I put in it she is showing in that it gives me an option to major menu regularly want to make this incentive thing make primary menu take me again to the important menu or some thing like that some to go forward and click on it and now it is gonna take me again as much as the most important menu so let’s go ahead and experiment that phrase that I entered and that i consider it’s when are you open so we have got to surely enter it precisely as we entered it on the set off so I consider it used to be what time are you open there may be what time you open I might have that flawed i don’t consider let’s have a look at what occurs I clicked on enter and up there it’s I without a doubt did entered proper what time are you open and it simply went forward and confirmed me those hours so let let me clearly asked that query a little otherwise so I entered when do you open at present and so what will do is it will give me this response that says sorry i’m practically however anyone real can be right with you now which you can sincerely customise that considering that correct here it says default page when I click on this this is the response that’s going to take delivery of to any one when the pot does now not comprehend what to do in case which you could trade this might be add their first identify sorry Adam I do not have the answer for that proper now but will get correct back to you probably something more private you might need to put it proper there now check this out when I click on on Q&A we see all proper right here on the right on answered questions and it took that question that I answered entered and it failed to comprehend the reply for in it displaying me this right here and what that’s enabling me to do is create an answer or hyperlink that to an answer page that I’ve already created so it can be rather satisfactory to be in a position to make use of this to grasp how humans ask questions ok so that you might simply click on on that and then hyperlink that or set that every one up I believe i’d just go ahead and duplicate its paste it proper there and hit on entered similar to that and now now we have an answer for that so now any individual asks that question it’s going to go proper here to the industry hours k so let me return here to my pages so that is the fundamentals of a bot and let me simply show you now how you can join it in to your website and then i am at the start actual quick how you can do a form and send an e mail and all of that due to the fact that I’ve already created about for that k so if we need to connect this to our internet site any website might be Shoppify or some thing like that frequently all of your website structures are to have an option of the place you could enter in some kind of Google analytics or whatever like that and it can be the identical thing with facebook messenger this messenger however we created so we have to click on HTML factors correct here we ought to click on add HTML detail within the proper click on purchaser chat widget understand what we ought to do is a number of things we must provide this a reputation and then we ought to enter the domain name the website tackle the place were going to virtually put this so i’m in a go forward and do that now okay I’ve long gone ahead and performed that and what’s quite needs is that you could decide on when you are embedding this onto your website the place it picks up in the chatbot so by way of default it is that equal welcome web page but we can pick to possibly have a pickup straight at the business hours or some other web page that we created within the body in this means that you would be able to form of have slightly bit more manipulate over what occurs to your internet site now you could definitely embed this in all kinds of web pages as many websites as you wish to have if you wish to have that continuity so if in case you have a website one place and then you definitely could have your assess out someplace else which you can embed it in each of those places okay so now what I cherish to do is I like to click on back on HTML factors click proper right here it’s his copy code it took that little snippet of code that I have to enter in a put it into my clipboard Sonoma to leap on over to a WordPress internet site correct right here and if you do not know if you’re now not utilising WordPress and you don’t know learn how to get this working i’m definite something platform you can ask your help howdy where do I add an analytic script or a live chat script it’s on the whole pretty easy to seek out but when you’re unsure you can ask those aid channels but i’ll show you ways to do this on WordPress proper now now your WordPress theme will he already has an option to have a spot for hanging this and the team that i use would not it doesn’t really fairly tricked out news and assembly some hassle that in a second but first I need to show every body else that would now not be utilizing the theme that i’m utilizing i exploit the Astra Theme I wish to exhibit everyone else do it so there’s a free plug-in called insert header with the decision flip it insert header and footer’s so virtually that you may go to plug-ins add new do a seek for insert headers and footers is an easy free plug-in that allows you to comfortably add Google analytics typescripts and live chat scripts so if you set up and spark off you could have this new alternative right here that says insert headers and footers so for this i’m in a go ahead and put it the place it says scripts and footer i’m just gonna paste it, go ahead and click on on keep after which i’m in a go to the front finish of the website we are able to see I don’t have it right here now but when I click on on refresh you are gonna see this new messenger bought in the backside proper-hand nook of the page there it’s now in view that I’ve already been interacting with the pot once I click on it it shows me a historical past of all of my interactions with this exact bot and it can be so simple as that now it’s can show up on every single page now I in reality do not carried out that approach and that is when you consider that my theme has integration for the scripts nevertheless it does it in a quite developed method and offers me complete manipulate of far and wide this a facebook messenger but seems on my internet site and that i sort of like having that additional bit of manipulate so in the Astra Theme there’s a function referred to as custom layout quite to go to it proper now it is under look after which custom layouts right right here so i am in a crate this new customized design and it will provide me display manipulate so click on on add new after which i am simply gonna go ahead and provides this a reputation k facebook messenger bot, click proper here it can be his allow code editor i’m gonna go ahead and i’m in a paste my code in there now it is his customized design settings i’m going to go right here and prefer hooks and then phrases is action i’ll decide upon this option down here on the bottom that is his WP footer equivalent to WP footer proper there and now I get to select when to have this code be precipitated or extra chiefly where so i will be able to select the entire internet site if I desired or i will be able to select simply weblog posts or targeted pages i will be able to opt for something combo that I simply wish to show this so i’m in a exhibit it on a designated page and that’s can also be my pricing page someone a scroll all the way down to the backside here you don’t see it but there’s an option that says specified pages and then proper right here i’m gonna begin getting into in the title of my pricing web page which is simply pricing and there it’s pricing so i can click on on that and so now once I save this this facebook messenger but is only going to exhibit on the pricing web page ok so click on on post and now after I do a refresher to see on account that i’m not on the pricing page my message about one away but when I click on on pricing right here within the menu organist see the fb messenger bot is simplest jogging on that web page this can be a very powerful function that you just get with the Astra Theme i haven’t visible some other platform theme or what ever applied like this i like this manipulate here and what’s additionally first-class is I failed to show you that you could have or not it’s headquartered upon whether or not any one is logged in or logged out of your website there is some relatively neat makes use of for this for definite ok so now I need to do what I stated and exhibit you that little bit extra advanced bot that I created that has a form and sends an e-mail and do some quite neat matters like that so after I first must do is seeing that i can simplest have one but related to at least one fb page at a time i am in a go ahead and disable or disconnect the bot that we just created after which i am going to connect with the extra evolved purchased that I constructed so i’m simply going to head to settings that need to scroll down a minute click on disconnect and so now this bond is disconnected i will click on the MobileMonkey on the highest left and is showing me all of my pots and then proper here it says WP crafter chatbot i’m in a click on edit once I click on settings, and scroll down after which i’m going to join this spot to my page that i am making use of everything on I feel I could have to trade that facebook be the code that we used built-in with the website will to find that out a second okay so i am in click on pages now this is a further bot that I configured to ask a couple of questions for scheduling an appointment and it just happens all mechanically so on the essential menu it says this message gives them an alternative to click on agenda appointment and when they try this it suggests this and what that is right here is that this varieties option and what this allows for you to do is ask a question and then when anybody solutions that query that you may take their answer put it in a bucket you could opt for the identify so I selected the identify day offers you that put that info in a bucket after which you can use that info and ship it off in an email so what I did here is I requested the question what they would you like this for scheduling appointments and then Isys gave this response k pleasant then the bugs can exhibit the day it and so they said Monday Monday it’s and then right right here I ask in the event that they decide on morning night or afternoon and then I create a bucket for that and and this is my response then I requested him their e mail then I asked him their mobile number after which I give them this response after which what i have this configured to do then i use the e-mail element proper right here and so I put within the e-mail address of where I want to ship this knowledge then I put my e-mail subject and then I put each of these buckets in here so when I obtain an e-mail from this physique it is going to supply me all of that data these responses that anyone gave it’ll give these to me and and ship it through e-mail after which this correct here they’re now not immune to peer this surely happen after which correct here it’s going to go forward and then provide them this choice if they need to go back to the main menu and so it is a bot where were asking questions and getting solutions just isn’t about buttons and all that style of stuff there is just a lot that you are able to do with this platform it is rather very impressive now I need to show you the one subject where you might have some branding and that’s where it says most important menu now there may be at any time when you are interacting with the pot on the left of the place the character would enter an information there is little hamburger icon when anyone clicks on that it’ll show them anything we put here in our essential menu so via default it is going to show this powered by using the only method to cast off that is the sign up for a paid plan which is fine you also get different matters other than this but that you can add additional menu objects right here so let me exhibit you the way any one virtually sees this branding or some thing you possibly can additionally need to add it to the major menu so i’m back in my messenger bot proper here here’s that hamburger icon I click on it and here is the only position you relatively see that branding and use you’ve got the alternative of placing further menu gadgets now in these days i don’t to find that tremendous and intuitive for folks meaning after I’ve use interacted with Bob’s number one and in realizing number two I didn’t even understand I might click on that and there may be some menu there so that’s the place you see the branding of this chatbot platform has essentially the most minimal branding that I’ve obvious from us probably the most other systems ok so this is setting up a bot with MobileMonkey like us if you wish to go here and hooked up a free account visit WPCrafter.Com/MobileMonkey now there are some advantages to getting a paid plan quantity one you don’t have that little bit of branding quantity two you get some sequences said drip campaigns you get analytics and the one enormous thing that persons are going to in most cases need that will make some thing like that work that you simply get integrations so what that implies is you should use Xavier to as a substitute of you noticed me exhibit you that this can ship an e mail onset of sending an e mail simply immediately put that understanding into your CRM or your e-mail marketing platform or anything like that now there is one factor you commonly seen in this whole video I under no circumstances once in actual fact talked a couple of chatbot within the framework of marketing and E in message glass and stuff like that that’s seeing that i don’t consider i might personally do these like message blasts due to the fact that i don’t think i would most likely wish to obtain message blasts like that however you are able to do it and one thing I did additionally duvet that you could also segment so there’s that kind are you asking questions and people can have responses that you would be able to phase the individuals which are interacting with your bot that manner when you desired to ship advertising messages you would do it based on quite a lot of segments anyways guys MobileMonkey is a really neat platform I believe messenger bots are really very practical and relevant to most businesses available in the market had been men and women simply have one other question and be the good idea for you do is make it as easy as feasible for anybody to get an answer to their query whether it be what your vacation hours what you realize all these basic questions that persons are going to half of of your business so anyhow that is all that i’ve for you in this video should you loved and observed value out of video supply it a thumbs up if you are now not subscribed recall clicking on the subscribe button activate the belt for notifications if you are utilizing chatbot’s and in any case that i’m not overlaying that you just suppose can be important to everyone I fairly respect it in the event you introduced that knowledge to the comment part down under as well in case you have any questions which you can reply asked them answer other people in the comment part down below hello thank you for spending your time with me in these days observing this video and i’ll see you in the next one

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