How to Build a Chatbot in Python and Deploy it to a VPS (Preview)

Hello, I’m Gareth. Welcome to the third part of building a Telegram bot use Python. In proportion 1, we improved a basic echo bot. In proportion 2, we included a database and turnedout bot into a to-do list. Our bot now listens for new components and saves them, and the subscribers can mark off items that they have completed. In the third part of this tutorial, we’ll be firing up a DigitalOcean Virtual Private Server, so that we can permanently rolled the bot, even when our neighbourhood machine is off.We’ll lay a entanglement server, Apache, installa subject through namecheap, and a SSL certificate exercising Let’s Encrypt. We’ll pushing our system to GitHub, so that we can move it to the server. And we’ll install the Python web framework Flask, so that we can take advantage of Telegram’s web secures. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll have learned how to easily deploy your chitchat bot to the world. Check back in mid-January for my live Office Hours with Codementor. See you then !.

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