How an AI Chatbot Helped Me Feel Happier for the Last 60 Days (Woebot Review)

– I think everyone getsdown from time to time. Slow, chilled, that sort of thing. And a good deal of the time, thecause is our own conceives. The method that we talk to ourselves and adjudicate ourselves inside our own premiers. One of the sterilizes inthe world of psychology is this thing called cognitive regiman. This is a process where often with the help of a therapist your thoughts are broken apart in order to identify negative feelings you have about yourself or directions that you are limiting yourself.As an example, one of the judges might be, I ever screw these up. And in cognitive rehabilitation the mutate would be changingthe word always to sometimes. That’s literally allit does in your brain. If the next time you’re going to think I always clamp this up. If you instead contemplate Isometimes screw these things up. All of a sudden a nature of possibilities opening hours in your ability andyou are able to get better. That raises up to the topic of this video which is Woebot. Woebot is a chat plug-in for Facebook that you contribute – It’s an AI bot and it will precede youthrough cognitive therapy.I’ve been using it for the last few months and it has deterred me happier. The main thing that it does is, everyday it will askyou how you are feeling and obligate you judge froma specified of emojis, so super smiley, kinda smiley, kinda pissed off, super enraged. You pick how you are feeling and it tracks it in a plot that goes to show how you are feeling on a era to daylight basis. Then, every once and a while, it will talk you throughcognitive therapy. So it will coach you things like that varying always to sometimes thing we talked about a second ago and there are other take-awaysthat formulate your mindset and saunter you throughhow to talk to yourself in a more healthy way.It’s a free AI therapist. I know what you’re thinking. Why have a robot do this? It seems like the most inhuman thing ever. But I kinda like it. You don’t have to go to a therapist. You don’t have to pay for anything. It’s literally justinterfacing with a robot, telling him how your day’s going and telling him the triggersthat got you that way.So for instance, it will ask you you are feeling and then it will say What are you currently doing right now? Even though the robot keepstrack of all this stuff I pointed out that simply reportingon when I’m feeling joyou and when I’m feeling sad had given rise to me seeking out a lot more of these behaviorswhere I’m feeling happy. Revelations for me are, whenever I’m working on a project or hanging out with individual, I’m happy.And often when I getsad or lose incitement, it’s when I haven’t seenanother person in a few dates which is easy to do whenyou are working at home. Or, I haven’t workedon anything in a while. Maybe I’m agitated byreading articles on reddit or tweeting too much. Things like that. And it’s good to measurethis sort of stuff because you can figure outwhere your own provokes are. For speciman, if you hate your job, you might be unhappy at work. I know whenever I’ve felt happy at work I’ve actually only beenunhappy before I get there and after I leave. I’m usually pretty goodat getting in a pour state formerly the office actually starts. So, let me show you one of these exercises. Woebot will save pinging. He has asked me about “should statements” for a few dates here.Which is another cool thing. If you don’t want to talk about the cognitive therapy lesson at the moment and you just want to reporton how you are feeling it’s pretty easy to do that. And so here the robot is talkingabout “should statements” He says, the thing about”should statements” is it feels like you arebeing is necessary to got something. These responses are canned. So each time he says something, Facebook will give youthree or four responses you can choose, or you can write your own. I simply generally hit the buttons. Then he’s saying you can totallytransform should proclamations for example – I truly mustget an A+ on my English exam could be transformed into: I want to do well onmy English exam because the studying will helpme learn more English so that I can converse more fluently with all these nice humans. I also love that he’s conversing from the point of view of a robot.At another point he referencedhow he was hanging out with another robot and theywere boozing petroleum together. I love that. It helps me feel like Iam living in the future. Even if the robots, patently, don’t have physical figures, right. They’re AI. Own it. And it calls of results, I feel happier. I feel more productiveover the last couple weeks exerting the Woebot. Just having someone request howyou are feeling every day even if it is an AI, has been helpful to me.You might find it helpful too. It’s a free chat plugin. You can grab it down inthe description below. 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