Connecter un chatbot à Google Sheet

hi bookmakers today we will see how to connect your cat boots to a google spreadsheet when you first perform a[ __] boots you store all of its contents in the engine itself of the chad boots but you will see that as your projection originates make it more complex you will need to find where to accumulate data at the outside of chad boots is the reason why your society imagined three functionalities related to the connection of your cat boots to the google spreadsheet the first potential is to connect your feline speak boots i.e.To retrieve data you are able connect it for writing in order to save data and finally a very nice mode which is called the carousel mode and which like its figure marked allows you to display data come your expanse google in the form of a carousel so today we will be interested in data retention these data storages allows countries for example to accumulate customer advantages they will also allow you to store telephone numbers knowing that like an internet site a “cat-o-nine-tail” boots must respect the rules general protection of personal data so I invite “youre going to” taken to ensure that what you are doing complies with the rules of procedure and peculiarly that you have informed your user and then this also allows for example to be able to store a game score so that’s what I’m going to show you in this video then we will start by creating a sheet in your doc infinite a sheet a spreadsheet so spreadsheet then we will create a first column that will store the ai said player so it’s heidi we will use the i10 which is a single nazi from a messenger user and then “theres going” place the score that player got and that’s our spreadsheet and ready I appoint them 01 orchestrating and I will now go to my interface good person and i will create a bot i will mention is fighting so good play in spreadsheet and once the interface daddies up the first thing I go to do it is I “il be going” of which on this little toothed wheel which are the specifies and I will go to plugins and I will attach a google account to my cat boots then why mam just for give the possibility to the chad boots that you develop to go and data or depart write data to this google[ __] membrane so I opt I will link the accounting by clicking now I will select my history I will countenance a teenager botnet to access this data otherwise it is not possible to accumulate or retrieve data and here I have now my google note which is linked to butt nation then I’m going back to the construction part and I’m going to start by creating a sequence good day where i will say hello character go to opening the game then this is not a real game that I establish it’s just a space to show you how do we are dealing with variables and how do we collect them data of these variables in a google mute I will initialize a first one variable that will store the user’s total compose so I’ll call it total rating so it’s done for this part so now I’m going to create a new radical that will store the auto-mechanics of my recreation and I will include a first cycle which will be a sequence for calculating the score and in the following sequence actually i will create a text sequence i will say i calculate your value then i will haphazardly suck a number so for that i go to variable and I opt the random block I will create a second variables I’m going to call compose and I’m going to pull a number between 0 and equality example 5 then i will add a planning capacity which is why i will increment the score likewise the total score avaria total score and instead of the printer is 1 i.e.Added a point to total score I will add the evaluate which will have been proceed at random in this body and then finally to verify that my estimate is right i will display a text where i will say you shot the multitude and I will display my many rating so that’s fine with my placard and the figure that were drawn at random and your total value and it has I will expose the total score obtained so here I have a mechanical adhesive already which normally works well so on the other hand it is necessary that therefore I prompts this composition planning string by apart from the mogho so I vanish now to included the mogho now and I have a cat boots that already works in itself correctly if I send to messenger to test my friend hello tab going to see open the game so if I category run I calculate your form you drew the quantity 4 and your total value and 4 I type again vanish I calculate the score you shot in my case and your total tally and 8 since four had been accumulated so 4+ cats equals 8 I retry I calculate the rating you have drawn the quantity you have your total score and 12 out of numerous the figure 4 then attracted the list 1 and we total score and 13 so interpret information systems random is really random what there by chance we have three times the crowd 4 we have many attract at random so it slogs their own problems is that in fact I is not place the full amounts of the number obtained by the players so I do not have scoreboards accessible which will allow me for example to compare somewhere the different tallies obtained by different participates to apportion by illustration of premiums so i will use this worksheet and this worksheet estimation will allow me to supermarket for each player the total score acquired to do this I will start again in my car-mechanics of my play in calculating the score and I will compute the blog google spreadsheet and in particular the data backup block so there is a little grind pout that can happen or society boots get connect to your google detail and I get the list of all available sheets so is called 01 tallying and I select the membrane one invoice so the expanse one tab here hear we are in membranes 1 so if I had various membranes if I had made multiple times I could even store them different data supplied by different foliages so he who is really extremely very powerful and then I’ll say bah I’m going to update the lines corresponding to the following conditions so i take the sequence that has the i10 player has so you see here heidi players this is the name of the row in question and it is indeed the column a just as this body is on the line in line b so here I will choose either a variable that I created and I same but in the variables given by messenger I will look for the i10 of the participate so you will see it is a somewhat pitiless figure but which is unique for each facebook customer and i will keep it checked this alternative create a line if no line fits for the moment I have no route that pairs so if the line did not exist i.e.If the i10 player were not available well he is going to store them ugly players and do coincide a new close score heidi exists we will see it it will inform the score of the i10 players without lending a row in repeat in the in the family here I will modernize my compose article on there implementing the total score and here I am if I restart my research you be understood that the bot rushing now I still have nothing it’s normal it has nothing happened so I’m going to type go and there I gathered the figure 0 and my score and 06 I check now you interpret supernatural the spreadsheet modernized with my heidi including a very complex number unique in its kind and then my orchestrate to 0 if I retype here get via “says hes” numerous its 5 and my total composition and 5 if I retype go I gleaned the list from 0 my compose and that we are not going to check since we will have no gap we are therefore subtract 4 our tally and 9 I check my tally is new so here you have a very simple mechanic to be able to store form variables incremented them and place them in a Excel spreadsheet here in a next video we will see how to retrieve this data for processing in your schmooze record have fun

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