Chatbots 3.2 – Marcus Endicott – Open Chatbot Standards for a Modular Chatbot Framework pt1of2

that I is just coming up a property down under I’m dual australian-american i was born in australia that my mothers are American this is a magnificent panorama of byron bay from the easternmost point of australia that byron bay its world-famous has a premier surf resort it’s probably one of the best surf recourses in the world and I’ve been living in byron bay since 2005 yes there is the occasional shark there but thats a another story for another day then i was reading a how-to guide to powerpoints and they said you have to start your presentation with the splashing of color so this is setting the feeling for my presentation that for me I’ve taken to calling myself a robo psychologist I do have a degree in psychology that I did work in travel and tourism for 20 years though my main background in technology is having a computer science prof for a leader one of my primary claims to fame is writing the first notebook about wander information on the internet 1994 briefly that my meta guide project is to create a dynamically learning semantic conversational operator i’m calling it a conversational expert system for the travel and tourism horizontal one of my bass lines is that I miss the agent to be able to teach me things and that’s one of the limitations i have with a IML for instance because it has to be hand implemented that i’m calling ail artisan all because it makes so much investment of time and vitality that i probably invested much of the past five years just looking at tools and every time that I decide on a platform or a configuration then the technology changes in it and it continues to churn so that I’m calling my open chit-chat bot standards for modular chat bot structure you can construe it as much as a call for help as anything else open an open standard is a standard that’s publicly available open really as an example of what’s not open Siri is not an open standard Watson is not an open standard open standards they don’t have to be formal but they are able to just de facto standards that are just accepted and agreed upon you know what the open standards mean for chat BOTS that I guess I sincerely is confident that open standards going to help kick-start the AI economy and I think that would be right on time about now modularity open standards intends non-proprietary standards modularity is a design technique for software composed of interchangeable ingredients this is something I’m going to go back to throughout this talk that what I’m really focusing on here is the Lego ization of vapour robotics it’s an umbrella of cloud robotics I’m going to show how chatbots fits into this cloud coming cloud robotics situation modular chatbot frames will help to enfranchise a broader locate of users so this Lego is a shin is about getting more people involved because I’m reasonably convinced that everybody eventually is going to want their own personalized customized Siri or Watson instant structures a application framework caters a generic functionality who is able to selectively changed by consumers we were talking about structures last-place night and a structure can be literally thought of as a enclose and the make specifies relativity that a application framework is actually it’s a organize that contains libraries that are customizable by useds okay and the mode that I’m frame this in the context of cloud robotics is now I think instead of being competitive we can be more cooperative but you know having interoperability and that everybody can build on everybody else’s work and then the end users could get more pride from having more personalized customized mixtures in the end this is actually it’s my favorite picture of the whole presentation because for me that just like says it all the square peg in the round fault how do we connect to what each other’s doing so that we can be interoperable and improve build on each other stuff a technological standard is an launched normal requirement about technological plans it can be a formal substantiate that establishes uniform engineering or technological criteria techniques the procedures and practises otherwise a usage meeting busines produce corporate standard which becomes generally accepted and dominant is called a de facto standard technical standards can be developed privately or unilaterally for example by “owners corporations” regulatory organization armed etc standards can also be developed by groups such as trade associations standards organizations often have diverse input and often develop voluntary standards the standardization process can be by injunction or may involve formal consensus if technical experts one thing I’ve noticed that too many beings opening this arena try to reinvent the rotate from scratch without any regard for interoperability for one make or entrepreneur or even small-scale and medium-sized enterprises to compete with a serial Watson is simply not in the cards at the moment nonetheless if we were better able to build on each other’s accomplishments than the end users “wouldve been” empowered with the tools for modular programme methods integrating and eventually rapid work proliferation I saw something really interesting lately that there’s a lot of talk about 3d printers and about downloading objects well soul developed this system of adapters for children’s toys like the 10 most popular children’s toys whatever Legos tinker toe as Lincoln Logs whatever but they’ve discontinued this set of adapters where you can connect them all together so children could realize much more things because they could they could mix the different playthings this is something like a mash-up a mash-up for dolls people talk about an open-source ethic or ideology on the internet well the mash-up ethic or thinking is a similar movement and it’s been postulated to represent a generation of mashup craftsmen who makes a mass culture and we can see this particularly illustrated with electronic music there’s electronic virtually is very mixed you know this conference is a very good platform there’s a lot of significant developers here but chatbots org is also another good community to lead standards wreaks not least because of its international quality you know not to mention it’s now making headway bringing industry players on assumed at chat carton or robotics shadow robotics there’s been really a lot of talk about robotics various kinds of extricating the economy saving the American Automobile Industry you are well aware I think that chat BOTS and AI but immediately in line to be involved in this vapour robotics situation and that means that robotic ability mediated in the mas and going from virtual robots to physical robots and not only physical robots but things the internet of things are also going to need the conversational user interface that someone was calling the cuy last-place nighttime I hadn’t heard that before we know that artificial intelligence and communicative boundaries are major part of Robotics whether virtual or physical robots now with the advent of cloud robotics the difference between the two will blur even more there could be little doubt about the direction automation is moving and the need to stimulate the economy and to help people increasing I’m reminding to your the current IBM motto let’s build a smarter planet so what am I talking about what how is this going to going to stimulate the economy we’re talking about monetization how are we going to monetize we’re talking about developing service industries we’re talking about expanding the industry it’s not that I’m Sam I’m we should encourage robots I’m not even saying that robots are good but it will happen it’s going to happen so let’s start the best of it one thing I’ve noticed is that there’s are almost no api’s for talk plans available on the web and the whole thing about this ProgrammableWeb and time of the API like this is really something that’s going to get big-hearted and an API is basically a programmatic interface as opposed to a simple user interface because people are going to be there to be mixing and mush even more when they’re making apps and all kinds of applications for example somebody will expend maybe times developing a personality on pandora bots for instance so how are they going to monetize this you know I intimated last light that with with a meter abul API that could beings could monetize even their Pandora BOTS and that would be a dialogue system API of which there’s not very many and one thing that I’ve seen is that you can layer different api’s in fact different dialogue systems and that’s another form of mince up and you can come up with a completely new thing for instance two or three of you could have virtual identities developed on pandora bots for example but if I could layer those with api’s then I could creats form something completely new bye bye depressions because if there was a mood I could cast it into that into that but or if it was a different mood that is able to move it into that bot and then come up with you know or or even merely rotate the responses 1 2 3 and really deter rotating to get different ones and so from various BOTS and so then I has come forward with with a new personality i leveled the commentary last-place darknes that is brilliant and pioneering is Pandora BOTS is that really the API is not well documented if you just simply go out online and look at half a dozen api’s and see how they’re substantiated that some kind of standardization will emerge from that and too business programmes that mostly what I’m seeing now is three-tier pricing organize like McDonald’s small medium and large and you know a clear definition of what what your product is and how much it expenditure open standards necessitate non-proprietary standards I’m a big fan of XMPP some people think XM BB is going downhill because one thing that happened recently is IM ified is been closed down and IM ified was an interface for XMPP chatbots two different systems and it’s it was they say that they’re unique they say everybody said well what’s the alternative IM ified and IM ified doesn’t have an alternative hitherto they haven’t come up with one but XMPP is people have use it a long time to talk to each other instant messaging is based on XMPP and most chat BOTS interface at some site with XMPP so I believe in the future it’s how our machines going to talk to machines maybe they’ll talk to each other the same way we talk to each other we talk to each other via via instantaneous messaging text why shouldn’t machines be able to talk to each other via instant messaging verse

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