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in the following minutes you will discover the brand-new step-by-step video tutorial that will explain everything you need to know about this revolutionary chatbot builder software product so keep watching alright so in this quick demo video we’re going to have a look at the new chitchat chimp software see what it’s capable of and hopefully find out if it’s as cool as everybody says it is now aside from its capabilities I especially want to see how quick and easy it is for just regular people like you and me to create and install these intelligent chat box so what we’re going to do for the first part of this demo is create a general customer support bot and just see what the creation process is like and then at the end we’ll have a quick look at the various other types of chatbox you can create to help with your business reduce workloads and all that good stuff so for starters we’re going to click up here on the new bot button which brings up the bot creation page we’re going to call this bot support bot sally god reference is just for internal use so we’ll call her Sally one tagline is the sentence or phrase that appears below her name so we’ll just say I’m here to help we’ll leave the position set to write and answer delay set to two seconds to give her a more human feel like she’s actually thinking before answering we’ll go with orange for the bot color and leave the text white there’s plenty of customization options for the avatar here but we’re going to use a built-in avatar for this demo we’ll have the Avatar appear in a square and we’ll click on choose and since we went with orange for the chat box color I’m going to select this charming red-haired lady right here now Auto appear and exit intent are both pro pack upgrade features that you’ll definitely want to use to get even more cool functionality from your boss I do want her to Auto appear for this demo so we’ll set the timer to 3 seconds before she pops up exit intent is great for if you’re trying to stop someone from leaving your site and get some feedback on why they’re exiting or maybe direct them somewhere else we’ll leave it set to know for this demo and we’ll do the same for dimming the background and the hide option as well for her initial breeding we’ll leave it at the default hey can I help you and the exit intent greeting doesn’t matter because that’s turned off email acknowledge is just what she’ll say if somebody types in their email address this is the email address that notifications will be sent to I’m not really interested in notifications this time so I’ll leave this blank and I’ll set notifications to know now one huge game changer in this tool is that you also have an option here to integrate with your autoresponder and actually add people to your list when they type in your email address this is another awesome Pro Pack upgrade feature you’ll definitely want to leverage but for our purposes I’m going to leave that set to no chat jack is a really impressive feature on the unlimited plan we’re going to skip it this time but I encourage you to learn more about it up here in the help section later now your fallback reply is basically what your bot will say in the unlikely event it can’t figure out what your visitor means like if their grammar or spelling are really bad or if the word order is a little different I say unlikely event because chitchat chimp is a super intelligent software and it’s usually able to figure things out but just in case you do need a fallback line and it’s a good idea to add a few variations here for her to cycle through so it seems more natural and human finally I’m going to leave these options switched on this means that rather than restricting support BOTS a lead to questions created just for her she’ll be able to tap into libraries of shared and generic questions and answers available to all box in the events she needs to and I’ll leave the powered by branding set to CCC because I want my visitors to see that we use chitchat chimp but you could set this to your own link or branding if you like via the paid add-on option inside your account and I’ll go ahead and click save and exit and I want to note that this whole process took literally about three minutes and that includes me talking and explaining each item without all the talking you can seriously create a new bot in about one minute and as you can see the process was pretty simple so chitchat chimp definitely passes the speed and ease of use tasks so far now clicking save will bring us to the relevant codes for installing your chat bot you can use these codes on any site whether you’re using a chat box or an inline bot or if you have the unlimited plan you can take advantage of the added chat jacker link right here we’re just going to grab this basic chat box code here but I encourage you to learn more about these other options in the Help section so we’ll just click copy here and close this out and now I’m going to come up here to questions add question and I’m gonna select Sally by her reference name which was Sally 1 and let’s say we want to train her to answer the question where do I access my products her answer for that will be you can access your purchase at this link product comm slash login and let’s throw a smiley face in there we’ll go ahead and hit save now before you hit save you can actually add more possible variations of the question and the answer in these boxes by hitting Enter or return but although more variations are definitely better don’t be too worried about getting every single possible variation because chitchat chimp is a very smart app and it’ll actually intelligently analyze the words in the question your visitor submits within fractions of a second and determine what’s being asked now in those cases where a question wasn’t understood those will be recorded in a database right here under questions unanswered so if you want you can literally just come in here once a week look at any questions where the bot had to use the fallback reply and actually type in the appropriate answer that you want the bot to use next time it encounters that wording so your bot literally becomes smarter over time and before you know it sales bot Sally will be able to handle any misspelled or badly worded question that the world throws at her so we’ve got our first question ready and our installation code is still copied to clipboard so I’m going to come over to my website here I’m going to go into HTML and check out how easy is this right-click and paste no coding skills necessary I’m going to go ahead and publish these changes now let’s come over to the live page and hit refresh and as you can see there’s our friends support bot Sally waiting for us right there in the bottom right corner with the greeting we told her to use it’s time to ask her a question but I really want to hold this software as feet to the fire and see just how intelligent these blocks are so just to drive the point home I’m not going to ask her the exact question that we created word for work the question we created was where do I access my product but I’m going to throw a curveball and say help I need to access my products and let’s see how she handles that I’ll click send and what do you know within the blink of an eye support bot Sally has analyzed that sentence and given the appropriate answer and because we left the generic and shared options turned on we could even throw some random stuff at her like hi and how are you and she’ll respond accordingly that is pretty impressive ladies and gentlemen it looks like chitchat chimp who really does live up to the hype after all and really quick I want to show you customers work isn’t the only way you can use this technology you can create all sorts of intelligent BOTS like research BOTS Richie who will stop your exiting visitors before they leave and find out why they’re leaving or even pull them on what kind of blog content they’d like to see in the future or sales bot Beth who can answer questions about guarantees and refunds and even give people a little nudge to the checkout page when they thank her for her helpfulness or even do-it-yourself Dave who can tell your home improvement site visitors what kind of screwdriver works best on a wooden deck folks the possibilities for these intelligent chatbox are endless the ways you can reduce your workloads and improve visitor experience are mind-blowing and the only way you can do all of that with the speed and ease of use we just saw is right here with best virtual assistant bot – chit chat chimp don’t leave this video before getting our bonuses and gifts click on the link in the description now

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