馃 C贸mo crear un Bot para WhatsApp 2020 / ChatBot para Whatsapp de Negocios

Hello bosses and bosses, welcome to one more video. Today we are going to talk about WhatsApp Business and how you can use a WhatsApp BOT to accomplish its two very important things for the sales of your business. one. Automate your customer services and 2 and super important, which is all you are always researching. It’s like being able to have various members of our squad attending to our WhatsApp with a single WhatsApp, with a only telephone number. The whatsapp of the business that you have various member states your unit who can respond without have access to the phone, that you can do it immediately from the web and answer in this way have this interaction with the customer to help you, give you the answers and of course apparently sell. Tutorial. The implement we will talk about today. This WhatsApp bot is called HiWaBot and you have the data, all the information now below. I am very happy to tell you that they are already patronizes of the channel and therefore we have also been able to a super reject of 70 percent. All the details with the code that is MARATEMERSON, We can only here on the screen so that you can be utilized in the information casket and in the first note you will have all the information and the link as well. The first policy or the first road to make love, true, is to prepare the bot in such a way that all customer interaction is instantly with the bot and there is no interaction human, that there is no true-blue person who is answering person after person. This is interesting when, for example, what we offer through our WhatsApp bot be a series of questions and explanations where the answer it is already predefined. HiWaBot has the ability to do that. I’m going to show you the precedent and it’s in your payment version, that is, you have to pay an extra. I think it is 15 dollars in the information carton you will have relationships with all the prices and all the details for which “youre ever” interested, but I’m going to show you now how it inspects let’s look at it. Look, look here. In this sample the client has written to me and says Hello, I would like to know your services harmonizing and automatically the answer comes out from the bot that says Hello boss, I’m Marta’s bot, What is your referred? Notice. Something interesting is that when we go to do something like that it was essential to that we marks ourselves as a bot so that the customer knows from the outset that he is interacting with a bot and therefore cannot expect a absolutely human action, right? But he’s talking with a machine and we can do it more. Let them interpret a little, well fun, right? I’m Marta’s bot. Well, what do it is necessary to, etcetera. And we ask him what is your name? It is important because we can situated this later in our database and in fact we can lynch it for our databases as well. In Mailchimp, where we have our theories, we will continue. See if we also ask for the email, for that? Because certainly we also want to save that report to build our database. And now, gape, he has already given us this answer and I previously acquired the bot that says I thank you very much. How I offers an opportunity to? And it is giving you five alternatives. We have created these five alternatives who the hell is, in my contingency in my business, five options that many potential clients might be interested. I demand informed about the virtual school, about the personal symbol employer, about your YouTube program, about an individual consultancy. I want to ask you a question to answer on the canal YouTube, right? We can give now several alternatives. Look as “youre seeing”, here it only hasn’t introduce the figure 1. If I had placed virtual institution or institution it would have come out also the same information. And here we have done we have written a small verse where we demonstrate precise information. Well mind you, this is what it’s about. True virtual school, I tell you the rate. I even settled the link for you so you can go to see it and have all the information and then automatically we give you the alternative you want to do. Who boundary the conversation here or is it you people want return to the initial menu? In case you have more questions is here we just come back to the initial menu and here we are going to enter the second strategy. The second direction to use WhatsApp chat. Look here. What we can ask our buyer is that you cause us specific comments and contribute us written answers and explain something to us. In this case, for example, you see in option number 5 and I want to send Marta a question so that reply on your YouTube channel. You could set, for example, you would have the option of Dame your opinion about my service, gives people an mind about I don’t know what truth they are unable to ask any kind of question that you are interested in saving the answer and have your answer in the database. The person tells us 5 or asks us or asks us say whatever and it would come out to answer Ask your question and the customer. Here you could ask your question. Hey, I would like to know about Instagram analytics. Perfect. And this we already have saved. Notice that here it says thank you for your question. We have written it down for Marta to have in attention, so the person or persons already knows well transmit my question and now we go to this, we will have it saved in our database on our website, which will be shown last-minute in the section administration within HiWaBot. Well , now we move on to the third approach, the third largest path to use the whatsapp bot. Look, we’ve also realise so far that we can do it automated, let the bot take care of it. We have seen that you can leave us a comment, issues and questions or information materials and that we save it so that we can last-minute do whatever is true with that info. And now we will see the option of that an negotiator can hold discussions immediately with our patient to settle their doubts. To close a sale, to give you information, you can have several operators, each of them in his office, true-life with internet and may be responding to purchasers. Now “the consumers ” requires information about the programme YouTube and that we say good, because it has been assigned to Marta Emerson as your agent to answer your questions. We can ascribe an to an agent that “were having” and instantly such person or persons already answers. Be careful, it is not responding from the mobile that is responding from the internet platform. Look, this is the platform where we can work. We go into Inbound and now we will find to clients assigned to us and therefore we already have our discussion here. Everything that has already been said, what the bot has worked previously with that buyer and here automatically I can start asking you things to this consumer. Hi Roberto , thank you very much for being interested in the YouTube program. You previously have your own channel here. He was able to start talking to him with this client in case I have a channel and hey, how long do “youre wearing”? And what kind of information do you need, etcetera. Now we say good, because in our planned we help people to grow your YouTube channel to get results and look, slam, blow, slam. We have given all the information and the client and tells us to I’m very interested in me and I miss this and I require the other. Here we give you different rebuts. You investigate , now we are simply having a real conference with him, with our purchaser. Look here the customer already asks for more information and we say Ah, well perfect, I’m going to transfer “youre going to” such person or persons, right? Inside the team, to finish you off to give this information. Just as two examples , note that likewise we can attach papers, photos, videos, connections agree to transfer beings. We simply go to the transfer button. Let’s go attain the people. I don’t have any agent adopted now at the moment. But if they weren’t here and only would assign to that person who was online, it has to be online to people and we change it to them. We can also intention this session, truth? With this client and we can say hey, it has been sold or lost. We can put different calls, we can applied any indicates? Well this is what happened, true-life with this consumer and we can really close the conversation when we’re done with that patron. Well, we are within the platform of HiWaBot within my note. Note that you can also customize it with your emblem and now you see if the history is online or offline and also very important. Whenever you leave and stop working “youve got to” log out so that your WhatsApp session open. Now we will see the dashboard and told you now. Administration where we can manage many of the things we have inside our WhatsApp. For example, here we cause the different projects “were having”. Notice that I “ve created” a YouTube program, Master personal branding, virtual clas, individual consulting. You can with these buttons organize more within campaigns we can create our campaigns and I have my customer services campaign for YouTube program and be pointed out that here “were having” this alternative where we can do it short slice. That is, we could upload personas here. As “youre seeing”, now we can also upload different videos, we can upload records likewise PDF, etc ., and we can also develop textbooks with a shortcut. For example, by the time beings invite specifics about what this is, the YouTube show I can have it here already written up, asked and therefore I can already locate it easily and move it instantly without having to compose it more goes, like given the opportunity to really refer portraits or videos or documents that we already have saved within our platform. Within now of channels you can. By the channel, you can too. Apart from WhatsApp, you can have Facebook, Instagram. You have other other directs that you can manage with the bot from here and note that now you are eligible to trigger what to say input, right? Welcome to your welcome send. Hello boss or the boss? The meaning to request the first and last name. Well tell us what’s your word, what’s your call theme to request email. We can keep it now, write it, we can activate it and initiate or activate it. Here we have different words that we can activate or inactivate for our treats that we are creating. This Inbound, an interaction we have already seen here is where all the chit-chats that we are managing as negotiators are progressed to us. Too, of course, “were having” reports and notice that here it tells us this about surveys and is because we can also create inspections with the WhatsApp bot. It is a premium theme. You will likewise have it in the link that I will leave you in the description box. And if you still haven’t tired of listening to me, I’ll leave you Here is a video that they are able to interest you a good deal. And I also ask you, of course, to support me with a like and subscribe to the channel if you have not yet agreed because it uploads a lot of content for help you start an online business and sell online, so don’t miss it because then you don’t remember what that girlfriend was called, those videos, those seminars that I’m research and you can’t find me. So your writing to not lose any content and thus also in passing you reinforce me. A vast kiss. I leave you the box, info, the linkages and everything what we talked about today. A gargantuan kiss and see you as always in the next video ..

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